Mersey River Chalets

I live in Greenville, NC and my tale is about a wilderness resort in Nova Scotia. Yes, that brings a memory of Carlie Simon's song and the total eclipse of the sun or more recently the movie "Delores Clayborne". But where I want to tell you about is a place I call the Magic, right in the interior of rock country. NS is blessed with lots of rocks and water and BEAUTY.

My first visit to NS was 18 yrs ago as a college student and I was enchanted with the province and always wanted to return since I had friends there. I wanted to go somewhere special this trip but I didn't know how to look. The search was interesting and I ended up on the internet and then right in the middle of the wilderness. The Magic's web site has great pictures and very detailed info about accessibility and activities. I must say the waterfall hot tub caught my attention. One call to the office and chats with Martin, Tim and Stefan (owners) and I made my reservation to stay 4 nights. And I had no reservations that this decision was going to be a treat.

My road trip took 3 days. 2 days of hard driving and one day on a ferry. There is no easy way to get there since I wanted to have my own vehicle. My disability is quadraplegia (the C 5,6 version) and I need a lot of "handicrap" on the trip. I will not detail the route there but if you have questions feel free to call me. My sister from Atlanta, Ga. traveled with me and she enjoyed the trip as much as I did.

The Magic(TM) is as close to the wilderness as I have been able to visit since my accident. The smell and feel of the woods and water is intoxicating. It is an accessible wilderness paradise. Activities are abundant and unfortunately I did not have time to do them all. I soaked in the hot tub until I was almost oatmeal. I went kayaking with Stefan and did a little paddling myself. I went swinging on a really cool swing that you roll your wheelchair onto. We stayed in a chalet that overlooked the river and enjoyed the company of squirrels and birds. We cooked on the grill and we had a full moon. Although we had a full kitchen we dined some with Stefan (the gourmet) and mingled with other guests. We went into town and caught some local flavor but there were so many things that we missed. So, of course we will be returning. This first trip was in the early fall and I will go in the summer this year. I can't wait to swim in nonchorinated water.

Accessibility is excellent! The facility and the activities were all thoughtfully designed with people with disabilities in mind. No concrete, just the resources nature offers with some skilled craftsmanship and really neat access plans. I was very much impressed with the owner's respect of the environment. Be prepared to recycle everything.

Assistance was available for things such as getting in/out of the kayak and hot tub We were offered every opportunity to have fun. And much of the time I was happy doing nothing but soaking it all in. I knew I would want to go there again after one day.

There is a magic here, maybe it's the Indian influence. Or maybe IT IS MAGIC that there is a wilderness vacation spot in the middle of nowhere that is incredibly accessible and reasonably affordable (esp. if you have US dollars). Get on their web site. I've listed it above. And you better make your plans soon because I understand that the summer is almost booked.

But don't make the mistake I made and stay only a few days. Stay at least a week or more! Maybe our paths will cross. Peace.

Sandy B.

For more information about Mersey River Chalets go there.