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Welcome to No Boundaries Mobility. No Boundaries has been
distributing quality mobility products for over ten years. Our mobility
scooter line includes the Featherlite Scooter, Featherlite Deluxe
Scooter, Moxie Scooter, mini Moxie, and Perfect Combo - PC 8
scooter. Our mobility scooters are known for being lightweight,
portable and foldable. You can fold the Featherlite Scooter in
seconds, without tools or the need to bend down. The demand
for electric mobility scooters is growing in the United States, with
scooter stores poping up all over the nation. Disability scooters
or handicap scooters are phrases we do not like to use at
No Boundaries. We like to use the tag “Mobility Scooters”,
because No Boundaries’ scooters are designed to make
individuals more mobile by giving them the freedom to get
around without hassles. You will find a wide range of electric
mobility scooters on this web site. We also carry the finest
motorized lift chairs and rehabilitation equipment. Enjoy!!
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Featherlite Scooter
Moxie Scooter
Featherlite Deluxe
mini Moxie
Perfect Combo - PC 8