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Tourist Office Worldwide Directory

This site give addresses and phone numbers for Tourist Offices of countries around the world

Cyprus Tourist Information

Good general information and lists of resources for traveling in Cyprus.

Universal Currency Converter

Look up current currency exchange rates.

The Infohub

The site of general world wide travel information as well as the virtual adventurer

Travel Health Information

The purpose of this service is to provide a source of easy-to-use information for travelers about preventing health problems, a listing of clinics and physicians specializing in travel health, sources of materials and further information, and a forum for exchanges of ideas with travelers and travel physicians.

Florida - Wheelchairs on the Go

This is an extensive guide covering the entire state. Updates and new additions to the access guide are available from their Website.

California Division of Tourism

California Division of Tourism, one stop shopping on information about visiting California. Includes symbols of accessibility to events, accommodations and facilities plus links to California travel accessibility sources.

CDC Travel Information

(Center for Decease Control) - This site tells exactly what vaccinations you should have and about health issues that you should be aware of when traveling to other parts of the world.

Intellicast World Weather

Be prepared check out the weather for the destination of your next trip.

The Ultimate Arizona Vacation Guide

This is the offical travel guide for the Arizona Tourist Board and is a wealth of general tourist information

Travel with a Challenge Web Magazine

A richly illustrated travel information web site showcasing feature articles and fast-breaking travel news on ecological, educational, cultural and volunteer vacations around the world.

Australia Tourist Commission

This is a general tourist infomration site but if you click on special interest than disabled it give a whole lists of events,accommodation and attractions. They are suppose to be accessible but the list gives few details.

Budget Travel - Save Cash

"For travelers who don't want to pay 5 star prices - and have more fun!!"

Florida Tourism Site

FLA USA--Visit Florida, the official tourism site for the State of Florida

Worldwide Brochure

This site lists over 10,000 free brochures that can help you with trip planning. It can be searched by destination or activity.

Healthy Flying with Diane Fairechild

This popular website is a resource for airline passengers. It is a well researched, personal series of columns on the Internet. It discusses all the health hazards endemic to modern airline travel including ozone and electromagnetic radiation, and even the stress of lost luggage. She even suggests steps you can take to help you stay safer and healthier on your future flights.

The Hotel Guide

Find a room anywhere in the world using The Hotel Guide's directory of over 60,000 hotels.

The Shipboard Cruiser Newsletter

Cruise news from 60 cruise lines, with direct links to cruise lines, ports, airports and much more!!

Cheap Flights USA

Price comparison of US domestic and international flight fares and airline tickets.

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