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Access Amsterdam

The Amsterdam site is a work in progress, but it still provides a sampling of accessible accommodations and tourist information for that city of canals. It is being developed by an European organization Travel & Tourism For All (TTFA)

Global Access A Network for Disabled Travelers

Offers great first hand stories on trips by travelers with disabilities, travel tips and much more.

Atlanta Accessibility Guide

This is a new and complete access guide to Atlanta, Georgia put out by Shepherd Hospital.

North Carolina Access Guide

Provide access information for many of North Carolina attractions, historic sites,lighthouses as well as National and State Parks.

Japan Disability Site

Information and Resources for person with disabilities in Japan including how to get the "Access Tokyo Guide Book"

Access Guide to Singapore

A complete access guide to Singapore including listings of accommodations.

DTour A Visitors Guide to Ireland for People with Disabilities

This is a new site that has a wealth of access information about Ireland including accessible inspected accommodations, transport and facilities.

Cape Cod Disability Access Directory

This site breaks the Cape into three sections, giving overviews of the towns and their accessibility. It also gives information on beach access and surf chair locations. (beach wheelchairs)

Big Apple Greeter

This is an organization that provides information for travelers heading to New York City including travelers with disabilities. Among other things their page has a great list of resources.

The World on Wheels

This site has trip reports on many destinations for places around the world.

Accessibility Italy Homepage

This page has access information and offers destination services for travelers with limited mobility. They are also developing a page that will offer destination services for other European Countries.

Mystic Seaport Access Guide

Mystic Seaport is an outdoor maritime museum that tells the stories of America and the sea. Located on a 40 acre waterfront site in the town of Mystic, Connecticut, the Museum exhibits historic tall ships and small boats, a New England coastal village and extensive collections of art, shipmodels and artifacts.

CO.IN. Consorzio Cooperative Integrate - Italy

This site had access information about Rome. CO.IN the organization running it can also field specific questions.

Melbourne, Australia - Travelers Aid

Travelers Aid Disability Access Services provides support and information to people with disabilities who visit Central Melbourne.

Accessible Tokyo

This online guide provides access information about hotels, shopping, museum, transportation and other useful information

Access Northern California

This is a new and growing site that provides great access information, including accommodations transportation, disability organizations and other useful information.

Accessible San Diego

Provides access information and resources on San Diego's hotels, transportation and attractions.

Disability Access in the Canadian Rockies

A Growing site that has access information on accommodations, camping and National Parks in the Canadian Rockies

SATH - Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality

SATH has actively represented travelers with disabilities since 1975 with the goal of promoting AWARENESS, RESPECT and ACCESSIBILITY for disabled and mature travelers and EMPLOYMENT for the disabled in the tourism industry.

Accessible Japan - Travel Guide for Wheelcchair Users

This guide is put together by Wakakoma Independent Living Information Center (WILIC). The guide has informaton about lodging, transportation, points of interest and other useful information. The site is in English.

Canterbury Community Internet Access Project

This is a New Zealand based site that offers a variety of disability related information including some travel access information and resources.

Wheelchair Accessible British Columbia

This is a growing site that currently provides access information on Vancouver and the surrounding area.

Global Access Travel

This is a brand new site that will be providing access information about Australia. The first city they will detail is Sydney, but they plan to eventually cover the entire country. Not much content yet, but well worth bookmarking.

Bermuda Access Information

This site is packed with access information and resources. It is sponsored by the Bermuda Physically Handicapped Association. It is entirely for disabled people in, or visiting, Bermuda? It is written as an official website, a fact-packed labour of love by a disabled journalist.

Accessible Rotterdam, Netherlands

The main aim of this site is to help you find information about access to, access in, and the functionality of buildings in Rotterdam. It covers hotels, museum, transport and more.

Smithsonian Access Guide

This site has quick-reference accessibility information for all of the Smithsonian's 16 museums and other public facilities, such as the locations of companion care restrooms, telephones, ATMs, and general information about parking and transportation to the museums.

San Antonio's River Walk

This site will give you the real scoop on San Antonio's famous River Walk. It also includes a map that will show you how to get around the obstacles.

Heidelberg Access Guide

This site is in both English and German and covers general information , accessible information about accommodations, attractions, transport and restaurants

Moss Rehab Resource Net

This site is run by Moss Rehabilitation Hosital and provides a wide range of travel information including resources and tips.

Wheelchair Accessibility on Catalina Island

The Catalina Island Visitors Bureau has an online access guide detailing access on the island.

Galway Ireland

This site is an access report on what you will and will not find in Galway.

Accessible Venice

This site shows accessible areas of Venice and contains other useful information.

Southport, England - Access Guide

This newly developed page is official website for the resort of Southport, England. The site includes Southport Access Group's "Wheelchair user's brief guide to Southport"

Emerging Horizons

This site is run by the same people who publish the accessible travel newsletter. It contains a wealth of information and resources for travelers with disabilities.

Travelog - UK by Channel 4

This site is done in frames for it's a little tricky to find the right page. First click on Next Step, then scroll to the "full list" at the bottom of the page and click on Travelog. These pages contain: Guides to each of the featured destinations, including specific information and advice for disabled travellers and more.

Disney World - Orlando

This is an online access guide for all of their Theme Parks

Tourism For All

Sweden - (TFA) co-ordinates activities and matters with regard to tourism for disabled in Sweden. TFA also represents Sweden in international co-operation in this field, and are the national coordinator of the European You-too network. You can connect with access information for all acess information of other European members.

Norwegian Association of Disabled

The NAD webpages are mainly in Norwegian, but for their English speaking visitors they have translated some of the most important facts. Specifically you will find the Accessibility Guide and facts about their organisation in English.

NY - Easy Access Eateries

This site is a guide of New York City's accessible restaurants The city with more restaurants per square mile than any other in America is now a little bit easier for people with physical disabilities to navigate.

Tenerife, Islas Canarias

This is an Accessibility Guide to both public and private premises. It has a database that covers a broad range of sites from hotels to public buildings, from cultural and leisure centers to sports facilities, from squares and gardens to beaches and country trails and a lot more besides.

New Zealand Access information

This site provides a great deal of information access and travel resources for travelers with disabilities coming to New Zealand.


Over the past 20 years, Kéroul's mission has been to join the tourist industry in making tourism accessible to persons with restricted physical ability. The assist both the tourist industry and travelers with disabilities. The site is in English, French and Spanish.

Access Brisbane

The Access Brisbane Site includes a searchable database of facilities with an accessibility rating as well as stories and art depicting access, inclusion and living with a disability in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Information in database covers most of Queensland.


The European Internet data base offers comprehensive, pushbutton information in several languages on ecological tourism and pertinent products. The main points of reference of the data base are various quality labels awarded in the fields of tourism, and it contains specific travel products, information on enterprises and regions which take account of ecological and social criteria - including the question if there are any caters for the needs of persons with disabilities.

Greek Islands Access Information

Dodecanese Association of Disabled People - The aim of the project is to list and catalogue hotels, archaeological sites, transports and places of interest accessible to disabled persons in the Greek Islands ( Crete, Dodecanese, North Aegean, Cyclades, Sporades, Ionnian).

Access Israel

This new site is being updated with 100 location every week, from different locations all around Israel (Travel, Culture, Shopping, Civil service & more). The organization that has put this site together is planning to survey more then 2500 locations a year. The locations are being surveyed by their professional, trained disabled staff.

Experience Virginia's Accessibility

The Virginia Travel Guide for Persons with Disabilities gives extraordinarily detailed descriptions of Virginia attractions, lodging, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, outdoor recreation and shopping facilities that meet the needs of travelers of varied abilities.

New Zealand Accessible Accommodations

A Personal Guide To Accessible Accommodation In The South Island Compiled By Graham Tapper, (Paraplegic) Programme Co-Ordinator Ability Services Burwood Hospital

Gimp on the Go

This site has a growing list of access information and travel resources. The also have a newsletter.

Accessible Nova Scotia

The Canadian Paraplegic Association (Nova Scotia), with the aid of key community partners and peer volunteers, has collected information that is useful to not only travelers but residents of Nova Scotia. Any individual can search the data base for specific access information on a property or service.


The European Commission has produced a series of on-line Travel Guides for tourists with disabilities, to meet the information demand of this potential group of tourists. These Travel Guides cover 18 European countries, members of the European Economic Area.

New Mexico Access Guide

It is the hopes of the New Mexico Governors Committee that the information contained in this guide will make traveling throughout New Mexico more enjoyable for individuals with disabilities and their families.

Los Angeles Access Information

This portion of their website is designed to promote tourism to Los Angeles for people with disabilities and to help them easily find access information. Some categories you can search are Attractions, Transportations, Hiking Trails and more.

Access Guide Canada

Access Guide Canada is brought to you by the Canadian Abilities Foundation. They provide an on-line database with access information about destinations throughout Canada as well as a message board and chat room.

World on Wheelz

This site has many excellent trip reports on a variety of places written in the first person. They also have travel tips and other resources.

California State Parks Access Information

One of the goals of California State Parks is to make sure that everyone - including visitors with disabilities - has access to the natural and cultural wonders that make up California State Parks. This site has specific access information to help you plan your outdoor adventure.

Accessible Niagara - Canada

Accessible Niagara is a free, 40 page guide for people with disabilities published by Linda Crabtree. The guide works in tandem with a detailed website. The website brings you detailed information on attractions, hotels, wineries, shopping, art galleries and many other things that are fun and interesting including the Niagara Falls. Photographs of hotel rooms and bathrooms with measurements are included. The guide offers you the same information with less detail to take with you on your trip. For a free Accessible Niagara guide call 1-800-263-2988 or e-mail

Disability Guide - Washington, D.C.

This is not a new site, but has grown to be a very useful access guide for th area including Virginia and Maryland. It has an extensive list of accessible hotels, restaurants, transportation, wheelchair repairs, personal assistant providers and airport information.

The Access Project

This is the organization that produces Access In London, Access In Isreal and Access In Paris. For more Information visit their Website.

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