The Accessible Guide to Florence
Barrier Free Travel announces the publication of "The Accessible Guide to Florence", a new guide written especially for wheelchair users, scooter users and slow walkers. Need to find a wheelchair-accessible hotel room and bathroom with a roll-in shower? Know if your power wheelchair will fit into the Uffizi Museum elevator? Hire a wheelchair-accessible van? "The Accessible Guide to Florence" will answer these questions and many more. Currently available in both hardcover ($28.79) and paperback ($18.69) through

Barrier Free Travel Services has been recently created in order to offer visitors with disabilities to Florence the possibility of hiring specialized tour guides who know all the ins and outs about the city's accessibility. Looking for help in planning your trip or for a wheelchair accessible rental in the Tuscan countryside? Do you need to hire a wheelchair or scooter? Contact Barrier Free Travel Services at or visit their new web site:

 Access Anything Go Anywhere!
Access Anything welcomes you to the wonderful world of Accessible Adventure Travel! The first book in a proposed series of travel guides for the disabled traveler. Colorado is a recreational Mecca known throughout the United States as "America's Playground".  Andy Jehn and Craig Kennedy take you on a tour of Colorado that all people with disabilities can and should see!  They also provide important and essential information for making the right decisions once you have arrived. 

They have plans for books on several more areas including California and parts of Canada. The first book on Colorado is scheduled to be released this July. For information contact:

Andy Jehn & Craig Kennedy
PO Box 880763, Steamboat Springs, CO 80488
Phone: 970.846.9859 Email:
or check out their Web site.
"The Creaky Traveler in the North West Highlands of Scotland," 
by Warren Rovetch
While this is a book of interest to all readers, it offers something special for the Creaky Traveler who is "mobile but not agile." With over 25 trips to Europe behind them, the Rovetches have mastered essential planning and navigation skills for successful and affordable independent travel. They detail web, print, and human information sources; the "character study" method they have devised for choosing routes, stopping points, and places to stay; the art of dealing with airlines in matters ranging from age-related seating to surviving treks to and from planes; the best rental car models; and, above all, pacing that serves body and soul.   The book is 200 pages, soft cover, published Nov, 2002 and costs $15.95.    The ISBN is ISBN0-9710786-7-X.
For more information and to purchase go to and it is also available in book stores.

The New 2003 Edition is now available!

Access in London by Pauline Hephaistos Survey Project 
Robert Nicholson Publications
The book is a wealth of information and was thoroughly researched. They cover traveling, getting around in the city or area, accommodation, a description of access to the major sites and places of interest, a 'good loo guide' (loo = toilet), and a considerable amou nt of practical advice. They are firmly based on the experience of disabled people, and not just on telephone enquiries. The London guide has large sections on entertainment (access to theaters, cinemas and concert halls) as well as a chapter on accessible pubs and wine bars. As the number of pubs with step free access and a disabled persons toilet is growing rapidly, Access Project are planning an annual supplement to the guide to be issued each October, to update the 1996 listings. The guide is available for free distribution, but we ask users to make a donation of $15-20 to cover printing and air mail postage. If you are sending money from abroad, please send cash, as cheques are of little value (due to bank charges) and we have no facilities for taking credit card payments. They are a tiny voluntary group with limited resources, but are anxious that people know about their guides, as they contain a wealth of information for disabled travelers. This book is available from the: Access Project 39 Bradley Gardens, West Ealing London W13 8HE United Kingdom.
For additional information please visit their Web site.
Access in Paris by Pauline Hephaistos Survey Project
Robert Nicholson Publications
Access in Paris by Pauline Hephaistos Survey Project Robert Nicholson Publications The book is 245 pages and a wealth of information from getting around to accommodations, entertainment as well as sites and suggested itineraries. The book was published in 1993. The Paris guide also has an updated supplement, covering any major changes and additions to the information since the detailed research in 1992. The supplementary information is being thoroughly researched (by visit) during 1997. 

The guide is available for free distribution, but we ask users to make a donation of $15-20 to cover printing and air mail postage. If you are sending money from abroad, please send cash, as cheques are of lit tle value (due to bank charges) and we have no facilities for taking credit card payments. 

They are a tiny voluntary group with limited resources, but are anxious that people know about their guides, as they contain a wealth of information for disabled travelers. This book is available from: Access Project 39 Bradley Gardens West Ealing London W13 8HE United Kingdom

Globetrotting Pets - An International Travel Guide
Although not meant exclusively for travelers with special needs this is the most compresive book on travel with a pet or service animal.  You can find information about everything from dogs to fish!  This is a compete resource that includes phone, fax, email, website and fees.  Visit
Air Travel Guide for Seniors and Disabled Passengers
The 136 page Air Travel Guide contains six chapters, four of which cover every stage of booking and taking a flight. Helpful general planning guidelines are provided, as well as specific hints and tips where applicable. The book's other two chapters are devoted to advising passengers as to when they will or will not require a physician's assistance with their booking, as well as outlining the major industry and government documents relating to the rights of special needs air travelers. There are also several appendixes and a glossary which provide background information and samples of medical form questions which air travelers are likely to encounter. The book's more specific hints and tips augment the general information contained in the various chapter sections. They cover everything from important advice about travel insurance selection to the best types of batteries for wheelchair users to travel with.. It also provides contact information for companies and organizations providing a wide range of resources to this particular sector of the travelling public. The Air Travel Guide for Seniors and Disabled Passengers retails for $16.95 and have it inexpensively shipped to their home by calling (514) 874-0202 ext 3577. Published 2001 .ISBN O-9680783-2-X. 
Wheelchairs On The Go: Accessible Fun in Florida
By Deborah Van Brunt
Wheelchairs on the Go: Accessible Fun in Florida ( www. is a 424-page paperback guidebook with accessible and wheelchair-friendly things to do and places to stay throughout the Sunshine State. It describes beaches with beach wheelchairs, tourist attractions, ride-by-ride access to theme parks and activities from parasailing and scuba diving to adaptive golf and sailing. B&Bs, condominiums, houses, cabins, campgrounds, even RVs and houseboats are listed along with motels. The book includes a calendar of wheelchair events, maps and appendices jam-packed with sources for information on Florida and accessible travel. Order on line www or by phone 1-888-245-7300. (ISBN 0-9664356-5-6) 
The Better Breathing Traveler
The American Lung Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties has unveiled a travel guide tailored for people with chronic breathing problems. The Better Breathing Traveler is a how-to-cope book for local or overseas travel for anyone with conditions such as asthma, allergies, or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). The Better Breathers Traveler offers checklists and tips for readers as well as a long list of worldwide sources of travel and medical assistance. Sullivan considers the tips on avoiding stress and fatigue to be especially useful to the COPD audience, which is mostly made up of seniors. The cost of the book is $10.00 plus $2.00 shipping. You can send your order to the American Lung Association of San Diego & Imperial Counties, 2750 Fourth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103 or fax credit card orders to (619) 297-8402 or call (619) 297-3901 if you have questions. ISBN: o-9680783-2-X 
Disappearing Windmills - A Waist High View of the World's Hotspots 
By Kate Zee 
It is the author's account of her journeys around the world and her coming of age. The book is more than a traveler's detailed journal, it's is a tribute to human ability to overcome obstacles in life that seem impassable at first, but in reality, only require the right attitude to overcome Now available from Vantage Press, it sells for $19.95. Call 1 800-882-3273. Published 1999 ISBN: 0-533-12749-1 
How to Travel: A Guidebook for persons with Disabilities 
By Fred Rosen a travel agent that specializes in travel for persons with disabilities. 
This book is a basic primer and covers what you need to know to plan a trip. It covers topics Such as planning the travel portion of your trip, finding a hotel, renting a car and even tips for cruising. This book is not just for wheelchair users but includes information for persons who are hearing impaired and those traveling with Oxygen. Published in 1997. The cost is $9.95 plus $3.00 postage and handling. To order a copy contact: Science & Humanities Press 1023 Styvesant Manchester, MO 63011- 3601 636-394-4950 
How to Travel in Canada: A Guidebook for persons with Disabilities
Written by Fred Rosen a travel agent that specializes in travel for persons with disabilities. This book is written so that a person with a disability will know how to travel in Canada according to Canadian laws, rules and regulations. It is hoped that by being aware of accessibility in Canada, regarding transportation and accommodations, foreign visitors with a disability will be able to enjoy all thst Canada has to offer. Published in 2000. The cost is $14.95 plus $3.00 postage and handling. To order a copy contact: Science & Humanities Press 1023 Styvesant Manchester, MO 63011- 3601 636-394-4950 ISBN: 1-888725-26-5 
Access for Disabled Americans - Guide for the Wheelchair Traveler 
AUTHOR: Patricia Smither
The complete guide and trip planner for the wheelchair traveler. 160 pages of useful information on: Air Travel - Ground Transportation - Cruises - Accessibility to many exciting places - Steps to take when planning that perfect vacation and - Helpful tips to make your trip more enjoyable. All research by a qualified wheelchair traveler. To get your copy write or call: Access for Disabled Americans 1475 N. Broadway #420 Walnut Creek, CA 94596 925-932-9001 925-932-9005 Fax 
New Horizons
This free 40-page booklet contains information for the Air Traveler with a Disability" is put out by the U.S. Department of Transportation and can be obtained by calling PVA Distribution Center at: 888-860-7244 (Order No. 2100-16) 
Air Carrier Access Act
This 28 page information booklet is a wealth of information on the Air Carriers Access Act, what you can expect and what to do if you have a complaint. You can receive a free copy by contacting: Eastern Paralyze d Veterans Association 75-20 Astoria Boulevard Jackson Heights, NY 11370-1177 800-444-0120. ;
India, Wheelchair Journey
The author Ed Long, who has lifelong Muscular Dystrophy, chronicles his three-month visit to India with his friend, Michael. Together they journeyed from Bombay south to the very tip of India, continuing their adventure north to Delhi and Agra, then back to Bombay before returning to the U.S. Long's openness to a third world culture, not often experienced by wheelchair travelers, and his insights into the universality of the disabled experience highlight this book. Cost: $12.00 (US) You can get a copy from: Ed Long Publications 2503 Lincoln Ave San Diego, CA 92104, USA 
Smooth Ride Guide to United States Eastern Seaboard
The Guide provides a wealth of practical and relevant information on each state, covering accessible hotels and their facilities; descriptions of major tourist areas and their accessible attractions - museums, state and theme parks; international and domestic travel including terminal and airline facilities, rail bus, taxi and adapted car/van rental; specialist disability organizations offering a "life-line" of support and general details on medical treatment, insurance and wheelchair rental and repair. To order a copy of this book contact: Seven Hills Book Distributors 1531 Tremont St. Cincinnati, Ohio 45214 513-471-4300 800-545-2005 513-471-4311 Fax email: Url: 
Smooth Ride Guide to Australia and New Zealand
This is an excellent guide that includes: descriptions of major tourist areas, key attractions and their accessibility; listings of fully accessible hotels and motels; information on accessible international and domestic transportation, including terminal facilities; general information on climate, visas, insurance, currency, medication, medical treatment and mains voltage. To order a copy of this book contact: Seven Hills Book Distributors 1531 Tremont St. Cincinnati, Ohio 45214 513-471-4300 800-545-2005 513-471-4311 Fax email: web site: 
Easy Access Australia
Easy Access Australia is a travel guide for people with a disability or mobility difficulty as Well as a good general guide to Australia. First published in 1995, EAA has recently been updated and expanded providing many more wheelchair and easily accessible transport, accommodation and attraction options to those who want to travel and explore this great country. This guide is written by Bruce Cameron (who has a complete c5/6 spinal injury and 

Easy Access Australia is not a directory or alphabetic listing but rather a fully fledged travel Guide for anyone with some mobility limitation from a wheelchair user, amputees, seniors who have had heart trouble or arthritis or even a hip, knee or ankle operation and has been used by families looking for easy access from prams and strollers. To order a copy contact: Easy Access Australia IBN 0-9577510-1-X PO Box 218 Kew, Vic 3101 Australia +61 3 9853 9000 Fax email: bruceeaa@vicnet.netu web site: 

The Wheelie's Handbook to Australia
A Wheelie's Handbook to Australia is compiled and written by Colin James (also a wheelchair User). This book is a comprehensive travel guide for wheelchair users. This publication lists more than 500 wheelchair accessible accommodation options around Australia, together with more than 400 wheelchair accessible tourist attractions and helpful organizations to travelling wheelies. ISBN 0 646 267140 Price: $22.95 The book can be ordered from the author: Colin James 3 Furner Avenue Bell Park, Victoria 3215 Australia Web site: 
World of Options: A Guide to International Exchange, Community Service and Travel for Persons with Disabilities (3rd Edition) 
This is the third update of this valuable reference book for travel abroad. The new edition is more than 600 pages and contains over 1,000 resources related to international travel, study and volunteer opportunities. The book can be ordered from: Mobility International USA PO Box 10767 Eugene, Oregon 97440 541-343-1284 (voice/TDD) 551-343-6812 ISBN: 1-880034-24-7 
Wheelchair Through Europe 
by Annie Markin
This is a detailed description of the author's travels through Europe while in a Wheelchair published in 1994. Not only is it good content, it has lists of many resources for each country she visited. You can order the book through the publisher for $12.95 US: Graphic Language Press P.O. Box 270 Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007. 
Wheelchair Around the World 
By Patrick Simpson
Wheelchair Around the World is the Simpsons' inspirational story of how this husband and wife team fulfilled their lifelong dream to travel around the world. A light, entertaining travel log. It is a daily account of the adventures and misadventures, from the glorious sights they visited to the obstacles they faced due to Ann's disability. To get a copy contact: Pentland Press, Inc. 5124 Bur Oak Circle Raleigh, NC 27612 800 948-2786 919 781-9042 Fax Price $24.95 $3.0 S&H ISPN: 1-57197-054-1 
Holidays in Britain and the Islands 
by John Stanford
Each year RADAR (Royal Association for Disabilities and Rehabilitation) publishes a guide to accommodations in the British Isles including the United Kingdom, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and the Channel Island. It also has transportation and lists of other useful resources. This publication can be ordered directly from: RADAR 12 City Forum 250 City Road London EC1V 8AF, United Kingdom +44 207-250-3222 +44 207-250-0212 Fax +44 207-250-4119 TTY 
Getting There
This book is published by RADAR (Royal Association for Disabilities and Rehabilitation) And is an excellent guide for long distance travel. It features contact information for many European airports, ground transportation as well as sea travel. There are limited listings for accommodations and services. This can be ordered by contacting: RADAR 12 City Forum 250 City Road London EC1V 8AF, United Kingdom +44 207-250-3222 +44 207-250-0212 Fax +44 207-250-4119 TTY 
Holiday Care Guide To Accessible Accommodations & Travel
The book was put out by the Holiday Care Service and lists some 1500 inspected accommodations in the United Kingdom as well as it has other useful access information. In can be found in book stores throughout the United Kingdom or ordered directly from: Holiday Care Service Imperial Buildings, 2nd Floor Victoria Road Horley, Surrey RH6 7PZ, United Kingdom +44 1293 774535 
Exotic Destinations for Wheelchair Travelers 
by Edmond Hansen & Bruce Gordon, Full Data Limited Publishing
This is a hotel guide to the Orient, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. It is written by a wheelchair traveler and lists accessibility Published in 1994. This book is currently out of print but a used copy can be order at 
Easy Access to National Parks 
(was unable to locate this book on Sierra Club web site) Authors: Wendy Roth & Michael Tompane
A detailed description of accessibility at fifteen National Parks including trails, viewpoints, campgrounds, visitor centers, lodging, restaurants and much more. Published in 1992 by Sierra Club Books U.S. $16.00 ISBN: 0-87156-620-6 
Wheel and Waves 
by Genie and George Aroyan
A directory of ships, ferries, river and canal barges with detailed information on their accessibility. Published in 1993. Wheels Aweigh Publishing Company 17105 San Carols Boulevard, Suite A-6107 Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931 USA 800-637-2256. ISBN: 0-9635698-0-5 
California Parks Access 
by Linda and Allen Mitchell, Cougar Pass Publishing
A Complete Guide to the State and National Parks for visitors with Limited Mobility. This is a guide book to California's beautiful and historic State and National Parks for people with physical challenges. It contains access information for more than 270 parks. Published 1992. ISBN 0-9630758-3-7 
The Wheelchair Traveler Author is Douglass R. Annand and was published in 1990.
Current typewritten updates Included. This book can be purchased for $10.00, by contacting the author: Douglas R. Annand 123 Ball Hill Road Milford, NH 03055 603-673-4539 
Accessible Trails in Washington's Backcountry
The Washington Trails Assoc. is the publisher It lists wilderness trails that accommodate hikers with special needs. Included are descriptions of 85 hikes that allow easy access to wheelchair users, those with visual impairment, people who are elderly, individuals new to outdoor exploration, and anyone desiring a gentle stroll through Washington's scenic countryside. Each listing provides background on the trail's grade, surface, distance and level of difficulty as well as details on accessible parking, rest rooms, and campsites. Cost $12.95 and is available from: Washington Trails Association 1305 Fourth Ave Suite 512 Seattle, WA 98101-2401 206-625-1367 Web site: 
Roll-In Shower Guide
over 2750 hotel/motels in all 50 states and about 1500 cities. It also has entries for Mexico, Canada, Great Britain, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands. The book is a simple but useful format with entries organized by state and city. It gives the name of the property and contact number. The cost of the book is $29.95 plus $3.50 shipping & handling for a total of $33.45. You can get a copy by writing the author: Howard Willner 1621 Galleon CT. Margo Island, FL 33937 941-642-4616. 
Accessible Quebec
This guide contains accessible information on 300 hotels, attractions and restaurants. The sites were inspected by Karoul with criteria recognized by Tourism Quebec. Karoul is a non-profit organization founded in 1979 to develop accessible travel. It's predominantly in French. 

An English version of the guide is now available for $10.00 from Karoul. 111 pages. Karoul 4545 Pierre-De Coubertin Ave. P.O. Box 1000, Station M Montreal (Quebec) H1V 3R2 Tel: (514) 252-3104 Fax: (514) 254-0766 

Barrier Free Travel - A Nuts & Bolts Guide for Wheelers & Slow Walkers
By Candy Harrington 
This well-researched resource contains detailed information about the logistics of planning accessible travel by plane, train, bus and ship. Chapters include important details about protecting your wheelchair when you fly, traveling With oxygen, cruising, accessible ground transportation, choosing a travel agent, on-line booking, accessible recreation and budget. Also included is a comprehensive chapter devoted to self-advocacy, consumer-rights and what to do when things go wrong. Call (888) 795-4274 or (215) 923-4686 or visit to order your copy. Published 2001 

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